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BRITISH ENCODE linear encoder LCE series
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Update date 2023-01-03 09:38
 British Encoder LCE series
Low cost linear solution
English and metric options
IP65 seal available
Up to 1.27M or 50 "full stroke length
Linear cable encoders (LCE) provide a low cost alternative for obtaining accurate linear measurements. Unlike typical rotary shaft encoders, the LCE uses a retractable stainless steel cable for a variety of unusual measurement configurations. The ability to avoid harsh environmental conditions while still providing accurate measurements gives LCE a distinct advantage over shaft encoders. Easy installation through a variety of cable outlet directions, no longer requiring perfect parallel alignment. At the heart of the LCE is the popular 716 series encoder, which is the good cube encoder. The 716 provides reliable digital pulse trains in single channel or orthogonal format with resolution as low as 0.1mm per cycle. The overall size is small, various resolutions.