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BRITISH ENCODE multi-turn absolute value encoder MA36H series
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Update date 2023-01-03 09:47
 British Encoder MA36H series
Standard size 36mm package
Durable magnetic technology
Multi-turn alignment encoder (14bit / 40bit)
SSI and CANopen correspondence
Proven counting techniques - no gears or batteries
Flex mounting eliminates couplings and is ideal for motors or shafts
The MA36H multi-coil encoder is ideal for most industrial applications where encoders and encoders are needed, with the ability to output alignment even in the event of power failure. Its all-digital output and innovative use of battery-free multiturn technology make the MA36H an excellent choice for all applications, especially those with high noise. Its durable magnetic technology and high IP make it ideal for dirty industrial environments. Available with 1/4 "or 6 mm hollow holes and a variety of flexible mounting options, the MA36H model can be easily designed for a variety of applications.