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BRITISH ENCODE incremental encoder 25T/H
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 British Encoder Incremental encoder 25T/H
63.5mm Opto-ASIC encoder, Compact shape (50.8mm)
Inch aperture from 0.625 "to 1.125"
The metric aperture range is 6 mm to 28 mm
Single alternative solution for 50.8mm to 88.9mm encoders
The resolution is 10,000 PPR and the frequency is 1 MHz
A variety of flexible installation options
Meet RoHS standard
Corrosion resistant option
The Model 25T features a 63.5mm encoder with a large through-hole for mounting directly onto a 1.125 inch (28 mm) shaft. With a resolution of up to 10,000 PPR and a frequency of up to 1MHz, the industrial encoder 25T uses the new generation BEPC's proprietary Opto-ASIC sensor for excellent precision and precision. The injection molded case is made of BEPC custom nylon composite material with "heat sink" slots. Ideal as an alternative to HS20, HS25 and HS35 encoders, this 63.5mm encoder offers up to IP66 seals, a number of new robust flexible mounting options and corrosion resistance options that can withstand the end heat of the motion control industry. The 25T can operate in harsh industrial environments.