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BRITISH ENCODE incremental encoder 760 series
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Update date 2023-01-03 09:50
 British Encoder 760 series incremental encoder
Size 25/63.5 mm Diameter (Hollow shaft)
Many are available with 12 reversals
Through drill and blind hole options
Simple, innovative flexible installation system
Opto-ASIC technology is adopted
The 760N encoder is provided with a full through hole (which can be fixed to either end of the shaft) or with a blind hole fixed to the front shaft only. The encoder body is maintained by 2 flexible mounts or a single adjustable radius fastener to compensate for minor shaft misalignment. The encoder can now provide commutation signals for brushless motor control. Available output circuits include 5-24V line drivers, 5-24V push-pull or 5-24V input/NPN open collector. The encoder now also uses the same front-Opto-Asic technology used in the Type 260 encoder.